Thursday, March 12, 2009

3-hunter Raz tanking abolished

I'm not entirely surprised with this change, although I'm a little disappointed:

Taunts from players and pets are now on a shared diminishing return, meaning the strategy of using 3 hunters to ping-pong tank Razuvious using Distracting Shot won't be possible.

I realize the change was more for other bosses, where tanks could decrease damage taken by running the mobs around with taunts, but the Raz encounter really *does* require some actual coordination and concentration between the hunters to achieve it. Not to mention - all those guilds who use this strat because of a lack of priests will be totally out of options when the patch comes around.

Oh well - I suppose those guilds coordinated enough to do the Raz fight with 3 hunters will probably not need to do Naxx once Ulduar comes in anyway. I'd have liked to have a go at it myself, but my guild's priests are fairly reliable and we don't want to waste too much time on farmed content (we still haven't tried Sarth 2D or 3D yet), so it's not likely I'll get a chance before it gets nerfed.


Anonymous said...

I've always pushed hard against using this in my guild- it's typically only used on raz, but it would be viable for just about any boss outside 4 horsemen. It's gimmicky, and I've always felt like it was an exploit.

Can you imagine patchwerk without any hateful strikes? There's no challenge.

Phyllixia said...

Of course it's an exploit, just like the mage soloing Raz with bone armour, or the pally soloing Kazzak with Reck bomb, or the hunter soloing Azuregos with healing set... and yes, Blizz should fix it.

Having said that - it's not easy to pull it off, and I'd have liked to do it once for fun. Also, although *my* guild rarely has problems with priest availability, other guilds aren't as lucky. IMO the requirement should at least be reduced to 1 priest rather than 2.

Kate said...

So definitely no more 3-hunter tanking, but will using one priest and a hunter or two still be viable?

I probably won't get back into naxx again for a really, really long time, but there aren't enough strategies that really show off hunters out there, and I always wanted to try this one.

Phyllixia said...

@ Kate - Not really. Having a hunter use Distracting Shot may be enough time for a priest to MC a different student, but isn't enough time to keep Raz occupied for the 15sec that the priest won't be able to taunt.