Monday, March 23, 2009

Ruby Void-ed

One of the harder heroic dungeon Achievements is Ruby Void, where Eregos in heroic Oculus must be killed without a red drake.

I hadn't really expected to get this Achievement without some dedicated strategizing with a guild group, but last night I was pleasantly surprised when I landed one of those rare PuGs where everyone in the group was skilled, geared... and most importantly - quick learners.

None of our wipes were wasted; each new suggestion was put into place and no-one made the same mistake twice. The final strategy ended up as follows:
  1. 3 bronze, 2 green drakes - you can (and should) buff them with player buffs. We only had a druid.
  2. Bronze #1 starts channelling Rift (Note: this does not aggro Eregos).
  3. Everyone else starts the fight by Lancing/DoTting (see below for Bronze DPS cycle).
  4. As soon as the boss aggros, everyone starts a timer. There is a default Blizzard stopwatch (accessed via clicking on the minimap time and enabling "Show Stopwatch").
  5. At ~13sec, Bronze #1 hits Time Stop. As whelps appear every ~15sec or so, this should prevent whelp spawns.
  6. At ~27sec, Bronze #2 hits Time Stop.
  7. If the DPS cycle is going as planned, Eregos should phase shift soon after, with either no or one whelp group spawn.
  8. Green drakes DoT up the whelps, but they are ignored for the rest of the fight.
  9. If the timing is right, Eregos will phase back and enrage soon after (yell: "Such insolence..." etc). At this poing, Bronze #3 hits Time Stop.
  10. After this, it's a DPS race to kill Eregos before you wipe to whelps. Time Stop is hit on cooldown for all drakes.
DPS Cycle
  • Bronze #1 starts the fight channelling Rift, #2 and #3 Lance.
  • When Bronze #1 has a 10stack, Bronze #2/3 channel Rift. AFTER this happens, Bronze #1 Lances.
  • The Lance from Bronze #1 should do enough damage to the boss to give Bronze #2/3 an almost immediate 10 stacks. Bronze #1 should then channel Rift. AFTER this happens, Bronze #2/3 Lance, then start Rift again... and the cycle continues.
Our final attempt wasn't perfect - I had aggro near the end (I was on Bronze, not Green like the screenshot implies!) and died - but we did get the Achievement, some new people to put on our friends list, and an agreement to get back together to do Make it Count. PuGs Rhok!


Tenamike said...

I did this with a 100% Bronze group. It took a few tries to perfect, but we got it.

Drake #1, timestops and starts channeling. All others DPS until he has 10 shock charges.

Once Drake #1 has 10 stacks, all others start channeling and Drake #1 pops his shock charges, giving all others a full 10 shock charges instantly.

You need to set up a time-stop rotation. Due to diminishing returns on it, you won't get 100% time stopped, but he should "banish phase" himself due to the MASSIVE DPS of 5 drakes all spamming 10-stacks of shock charges at the end of the 3rd time stop. This will allow for the time-stop's diminishing returns to fade.

Once he comes out of his phase, you continue your rotation for another 3 timestops. The 6th timestop should be Drake #1 again (it will be off coolodown by then).

Very difficult to pull off, but you will get both Ruby and Emerald Void achievements at the same time for this!

Anonymous said...

You can complete both ruby and amber void at the same time by taking 5 emerald drakes and kiting the boss around. Since all the emerald drakes can heal themselves, as well as heal the drake being focused on, this is pretty easy.

boomkeen said...

green was fixed, the whelps have an infinite aggro range

please review something before looking like a moron

Patton said...

Just wanted to come post and say that my guild achievement group just followed your guide word for word with great success. Took us 5 wipes, but we got it. Thanks so much!