Tuesday, January 20, 2009

They weren't critter bites

I have no idea how this bug happened, but it was interesting while it lasted - almost everyone who went past stopped in their tracks to /boggle when they saw me.

All I know is: I had Slimer (my crocoslime) out and tried to summon my Disgusting Oozeling to match. It disappeared for a second after I summoned it (even though I still got the debuff that comes with it), so I summoned a different minipet. This one disappeared too, so I summoned another... and another... Finally I decided to give up, and mounted my Black War Bear, intending to do some banking. When I dismounted, however, all the pets I had summoned suddenly reappeared!

I tried to reproduce the bug but couldn't do it - maybe someone else can figure it out. It stays when you mount up (although I'm not sure if it will stay when you zone), so you can get plenty of amusement out of it!

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