Sunday, January 11, 2009

Real PvP - Not quite dead

I've always had a PvP server mentality. Battlegrounds just don't do it for me - you don't need skill to kill Horde in AV, and it's horribly boring to boot. Along with all the challenging solo PvE stuff I do, I guess you could call me competitive... or just bloodthirsty.

The above screenshot was one of the extremely rare times where both Horde and Alliance ignored the fact that we were on Proudmoore and duked it out around the graveyard outside Silvermoon City after a city raid... for a good couple of hours.

Or, more accurately, I voluntarily subjected myself to a couple of hours of corpse camping by a few Horde - I could rez and kill one of them, but not all. Not most people's idea of fun, I know... but I hardly noticed the time.

It's such a nice change to be able to fight on my hunter instead of my druid, or warlock, both of which I'm extremely rusty on when I play them (although being the excellent one-vs-one classes that they are, I often manage not to fall prey to gankers, even when using the wrong spells).

68 world PvP kills in one day - not bad at all for a PvE server. Pity the Horde would only stay flagged when they outnumbered us, and not the other way around. Damn chickens!

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