Thursday, September 20, 2012

Theramore's Fall Faction Tip

I'm probably a little late to put up a post like this since most people would have done the event already, but just in case:

If you're planning on viewing both sides of the Theramore's Fall scenario, I really recommend doing Horde first.

Unfortunately, I'd already done it on my hunter before doing it on my druid and realised too late that the cutscene right at the end of the Horde version is exactly the same as the one right at the start of the Alliance version.

In any case, I'm going to miss Theramore. I've always quite liked that Jaina had her own town to run, especially as she was a little more neutral towards the Horde than the rest of her Alliance counterparts.

I'm not sure I'll like her as Wrynn's sidekick in Stormwind, either, if that's what happens after her town goes kaboom - doesn't seem right when she's such a powerful mage herself. I'm hoping she gives Wrynn the flick and follows her own agenda elsewhere - maybe not a leader, but at least a strong female Alliance character to rival Sylvanas.

Who needs men? :)

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