Monday, September 10, 2012

Pet Shuffle

Since Blizzard has changed the pet system yet again, I've had to re-shuffle my stables. My new pet list looks like this:

  1. Dragonhawk - Dynamite
  2. Bird of Prey - Talon
  3. Chimaera - Myth
  4. Ravager - Quickblade
  5. Fox - Tails
  6. Serpent - Charmer
  7. Windserpent - Hydrastorm
  8. Crocolisk - Slimer
  9. Core Hound - Cerberus
  10. Spirit Beast - Ghost
  11. Sporebat - Galaxy
  12. Silithid - Malice
  13. Moth - Celestia
  14. Cat - Robotica
  15. Raptor - Razor
  16. Basilisk - Medusa
  17. Spider - Venom
  18. Scorpid - Scorpia
  19. Shale Spider - Skitter
  20. Carrion Bird - Roc
  21. Turtle - Koopa
  22. Wasp - Sting
  23. Water Strider - Skimmer
  24. (Crane)
  25. (Quilen)

I've basically tried to make sure I have one of each type of pet for buffs/debuffs/abilities and then filled the rest of the slots with pets I like.

Even then, I had to cut down my list from ~36 or so... not the ideal situation (funnily enough, I think I had the same number of pets I wanted last expansion), but not too bad really.

Once MoP hits, all I really need is to tame a quilen (I really want the rare blue or green model, but highly unlikely I'll find it, so I'll have to settle for red...), crane (white) and exchange a new model of water strider (a blue water insect type), plus exchange turtle models for Terrorpene if I can find him, and I'm done with my ideal stables.

Haven't decided what to call my quilen and crane yet, either... I always try and name my pets carefully; they're almost as bad as alts for me to name, sometimes!

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