Monday, September 24, 2012

The Traditional Bag Cleanout

And so commences what I call the pre-expansion bag cleanout: making as much space in my bags as possible so that I don't need to make extra trips to the vendor between questing/dungeoning, all while cursing the fact that void storage is so far from the bank.

Not really an easy task for someone who is a bit of a hoarding magpie.

Or, you know, a lot of a hoarding magpie :P

In any case, I managed to free up 47 bag slots after 2hrs of sorting through items; more than enough for general questing and a few profession mats. I doubt I'll find too many rare/interesting items that I'd want to keep until level cap either... and by that time, I'll probably have got rid of a few more things (eg. holiday food I've been stashing away for times when I don't have access to mage food).

I haven't filled up my quest log ready to hand in yet either, but then I'm getting my copy of MoP through the mail, so I may not be able to start levelling tomorrow night anyway.

Plus, trying to play on the first day has always been a fairly dismal experience - competition for quests, lag, queue times.... I'm not in a hurry. Besides, I'm a hunter - you can't beat us for fast levelling! :D

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TheGrumpyElf said...

Hunters are the best for leveling without a doubt. You start off ahead of everyone else just by being one. ;)

Have fun leveling.