Thursday, August 30, 2012

This space NOT for rent

Having gone through all of my characters and organised their spells, I once again find my hunter short on action bar space.

I don't know whether there are any other classes that suffer the same problem, but I have a druid, warlock and priest all at 85 with spare spell slots and I've never had this problem on any other class (or at least, the hunter has always been the worst).

Survival (I've switched from MM, since I like Entrapment better than Chimera Shot) seems to not be as bad - there are 3 fewer abilities than for my BM setup.

I am, however, definitely liking my self-heal and survival options, of which there are plenty - Readiness is going to be epic with double Exhilaration, Intimidation, Silencing Shot, Deterrence spell reflect, Bestial Wrath, Scatter Shot.... can't wait to get into the MoP Arena - PvP has never looked so good! :)


TheGrumpyElf said...

You are not alone noticing that. I have every class at max level and not even one comes close to my hunter. Warlock is second as they have a lot of moving parts to worry about as well but once you add all the hunter utility moves you have a bar that is as cluttered as cluttered can be.

Adding macros, situational things, mounts, professions and pets if you want, you can have 100 things on your bars and use all 100 of them.

Nope, no other class has to deal with that.

That is why they say it and it is so true.

Hunter - Easiest class to play, hardest class to master

Bristal said...

Been huntering for 4 years. Ran LFR yesterday with both BM and SV. Not real happy. The flow of BM is hectic, SV frantic. CD mania.

Did like blink strike. A great opener to get pet there and switch targets, flowed nicely on several fights.

Hated the CD that whistles for a pet. The whistle is loud and frequent if 2 hunters are using it. And it just seems redundant. I already have a pet, why call another? And I never actually saw the pet.

Crows on the other hand is nifty. Sound is subtle, graphic is eerie and awesome.

The talent that gives 3 free arcanes or multis procs a lot, and I think I can handle that one.

MM is the spec I've used the least, so using readiness will take some time. Will likely use it rarely at first.

I'm hoping that the rotation is frantic because of the tier 13 focus bonus. I just have too much focus and too many options to burn it.

So for me it looks like SV with crows and the 3-proc talent. Which is a bit disappointing because I have a stable full of exotics.