Sunday, April 17, 2011

We beat our record

My 2v2 partner and I have had our share of long Arena matches.

Back in the days when mana drain was a common tactic, we started taking screenshots of the time it took to win; 21min ended up being the highest, against a mirror match (pally/hunter).

However, this new record takes the cake: 45min, the current Arena match time limit.

Sure, we didn't win (in fact, both teams lose rating when a draw happens) and unfortunately I don't have any proof (it automatically ported us out almost immediately after the match came to a close)... but I still think it was a damn good effort.

I hope we get that team again in future - losing is one thing, a draw just makes me keen to try again, because I know we can beat them! :)


Omogon said...

ended up in a match against two healers in Dal Sewers. Priest and Pally. All they did was run around and heal each. Neither me or my partner (Ret pally) could manage to kill them and they were doing bugger all damage to us. After 20 mins or so we just quit :(

Anonymous said...

Would you happen to remember the name of the hunter or pally you were fighting? I had a similar event happen to me some time ago. Fight ended after I managed to kill his pet.