Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Holiday raiding time 2: Bigger Challenges

In fact, the biggest:

I grabbed a couple of guildies (a mage and hunter) to make the fight quicker, but it took over a hundred gold in repairs before I managed the trick of swimming backwards and making tiny adjustments to kite the enormous Whale Shark - WITHOUT a range mod.

Yes, I'm aware that it would have been a lot easier if I had installed some sort of range check (too close and the Whale Shark 1-shots you for about 1,000,000 damage, too far and it resets - the range you need to stay in is supposedly 6-20yrds)... but hey, I hate mods and use as few of them as possible; why start adding to the list now?

Besides, I've now proved that I can do it, so nyah to everyone who thinks it's impossible to do this Achievement without one :D


Omogon said...

I joined a HUGE pug to get this....there were about 20 of us kiting dieing rezzing dpsing and swimming back from graveyard....it took about 10 mins..but we got 'er done :)

Anonymous said...

They changed the reset range from 20 yards up to 40 yards, making this much easier and much more manageable without the range addon.