Saturday, April 9, 2011

New but Not So Shiny

I periodically go through my WoW screenshot folder, rename all the screenshots and store them in folders so I can find them again if I need them.

After sorting through 10 or so of the Algalon fight I did couple of weeks ago, I've realized something - I have nowhere near as many screenshots of the new content than pre-Cataclysm content.

I mean, I know Algalon is quite a visually exciting fight; there's a very pretty celestial theme going on. However, I've hardly taken any screenshots of Cataclysm raids at all - probably a couple in Throne of the Four Winds, but that's about it.

I'm not sure if it's because the raid zones just aren't visually interesting, or because I'm not interested in general... but either way, I hope something stands out in raids soon, otherwise I'm not going to have any good screenshots from the first Cataclysm raid zones at all!


Sean said...

I can relate to this! I think the reason I have so many more pre-Cata content shots is that while I'm raiding Cata content I'm still so locked in to the fights so I don't make a mistake, screenshots are a distant afterthought. :(

RaG1n said...

Might be an idea to use something like fraps and bind screenshot to a button that you use frequently in game. THis will allow you to get some screenshots that you could sort through and decide which ones are keepers afterwards.

I haven't seen anything stunning in any of the cataclysm raids yet, either. I think we will see some good looking raid fights further on in the expansion, though.

Siha said...

Yeah, BWD and BoT are both visually fairly unimpressed. BWD hearkens back to BWL, which is nice for continuity but bad for the "ooh shiny" factor, and BoT is just kind of ... bland. Really bland, actually, now I think about it. (Though the fire walls/trails in the trash room before V&T are pretty.)

I must admit that I do think Throne of the 4 Winds is probably the nicest-looking raid/dungeon I've ever seen, though -- but it's so small (and homogenous) that there are only so many screenies one can take.