Sunday, April 24, 2011

Holiday raiding time

It's that time of year again - school holidays, the Easter looooong weekend, the official Raiding Break.

And, of course, the absolute best time to get all the stuff in WoW done that you can't do during a regular raiding week due to lack of time: raiding Achievements, lowbie quests, reputation grinds, fun retro raids... and dungeon soloing.

My only "wipe" was on the Chess event while I figured out how things work, and the only other minor trouble was Netherspite before I figured out that I had to kill it within one round of portals, otherwise having the green beam debuff meant the dragon went back up to full HP.

Definitely need more of a challenge next time round... perhaps I should try a couple of bosses in Naxx! :)


Anonymous said...

I was wondering;...with the large health pools of cataclysm, do you still solo this kind of content with the 2 piece T5 gear bonus?

Phyllixia said...

I still own 2 pieces of T5, but I haven't been using them in Cataclysm so far - my gear is pretty good and the stuff I've soloed hasn't needed it.

If I try something harder - Naxx, for example - I may end up needing to pull out the heal set again depending on how difficult it is to keep my pet alive :)