Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Trueshot Time

With Patch 4.0.1 beginning the Cataclysmic change in WoW, it's finally time for me to take the plunge and do something I haven't done since Vanilla WoW - spec Marksman.

Survival used to be my favourite survival/utility spec from Vanilla - longer and better traps, extra CC spells - everything to make sure that you last as long as possible on the battlefield; a cannon not so glassy.

Well, all of that really can't compare to the new Chimera Shot. 5% self-healing? Are you kidding me? Not to mention - Scatter Shot is baseline and Readiness is an adequate replacement for Wyvern.

Right now, the only Survival talent left that really jumps out at me as OMGMUSTHAVE is a new one, Mirrored Blades, which is on a much longer cooldown than Silencing Shot... so while I'm pretty sure I'd have a whole lot more fun with that talent than possibly any other talent in any tree (oh, the mages I could kill with their own Pyroblasts...), it isn't enough to carry the Survival tree by itself.

Oh well - looking forward to learning MM. I guess I'll finally find out what it's like to be the top DPS spec in WotLK :)

On another note: I'm really happy to finally post a pure hunter blog post again. It's been so long since my last one that this blog was beginning to feel like a general blog instead of a hunter one!

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