Monday, October 4, 2010

Getting my Mojo back

I'd been getting a little bored lately - trying to PuG raids when there aren't any running (Oceanic-time players on Proudmoore are in a pre-expansion slump) and farming for mounts that are about as likely to drop as me changing mains (ie: not @#$%ing likely) was getting a little old.

Not to mention, I've about given up on getting any T10.5 - it's just not happening.

Happily, I found something to do last night that renewed my interest in spending time on my hunter instead of my druid again (I do like alts, really... especially my druid. I just don't like them all that much - if there's anything at all I can do on the hunter I'd much rather do that): Farming for Mojo.

What's so fun about farming trash, you may ask?

Well, anything that isn't easy (read: "has a chance of me dying") is a challenge. Just like healing heroic HoR with a 3.8k gearscore is a challenge (take that, you stupid tank that a) tried to kick my druid and b) left before the last boss, after we'd all survived the 1st 2 bosses with no deaths).

And I like challenges.

It wasn't too much of one - I only died twice (once on the Eagle gauntlet - which I finished with ease the next time round - and once on the trash in front of Lynx), but at least I've found a solo activity to have fun with again!

No, I didn't get Mojo.

However, I've found that it's probably faster just to reset the Eagle gauntlet than to wait for trash to respawn, so hopefully I'll get Mojo some time soon! :)