Tuesday, October 26, 2010

He's cute, really!

This is my new favourite tank pet.

Yes, my turtle Koopa is still the last line of defence for all things tankable, but seriously... for AoE, Burrow Attack is unbelieveably hax - my lvl 79 worm was taking a good half health off lvl 70 elites in heroic Sethekk Halls; I can't wait to try it on Garr when I next have time.

Plus, it does much more damage than Bad Attitude ever did for crocolisks, although a Thunderstomping slime is another of my favourites... so I won't be releasing Slimer any time soon, either!

(25 stable slots? Yeah, not enough. Really not enough!)

1 comment:

Stoop said...

I picked up the Ghost worm from the Hodir quest. I agree, worms rock.
I will also never give up my crocoslime, Snotty.