Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hexxer is Haxxor

I finally got motivated enough to completely solo clear ZG the other day, and I can tell you now - Jin'do is definitely the most difficult boss in there.

He drops more than a few Mind Control totems (as seen in the above pic!), which tends to make you kill your own personal tank, so here's the method that worked for me:
  • Use a mix of PvP/raiding gear and BM spec (for better pet survivability).
  • Use a Ferocity pet (I used my wolf, Fury).
  1. Blow all cooldowns as soon as you start.
  2. As soon as a shade spawns and reaches you, Mend Pet and Feign Death.
  3. Stay Feigned while your pet solos Jin'do, using pet abilities (eg. Cower) on cooldown.
  4. While Feigned, unequip your weapons.
  5. When your pet gets low on health, blow Beastial Wrath and Mend Pet in quick succession - these spells will be all you get off before being Mind Controlled.
  6. Since you unequipped your weapons, you will run around trying to punch your pet to death.
  7. If your pet dies before Mind Control wears off, rez using Heart of the Phoenix and repeat from the beginning.
  8. If you don't have Heart of the Phoenix, you can either try and kite/melee Jin'do for the last bit of health, or use Deterrence and try and rez your pet manually.
For my kill Fury managed to survive through Mind Control, so I didn't have to rez.

Definitely a lot more fun trying to kill this guy than your average tank n' spank fight, so I'm glad I did it before ZG disappears in Cataclysm!

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