Sunday, March 7, 2010


Yeah, I know everyone overgears this dungeon now, but it still isn't easy to PuG. As it was, it took us 3-4hrs (2 wipes on Faction Champs, 1 on Twins) to finish the place - Anub is definitely not a walkover.

In any case, I'm really happy I got this done because now I have access to those elusive and rare PuGs going for the Insanity Achievement, which usually require you to link Skill or Mad Skill to join.

Besides, I had a lot of fun doing it - I didn't even notice it was past 3am when I'd finished!

Tips for PuGging heroic Anub:
  • Unless your healers are @#$^ing epic (and haste capped), you will need to run with 2 tanks and 3 healers
  • It's easier if your DPS can push Anub into phase 3 with only 1 submerge (and without heroism, which is saved for phase 3), because most people (unlike all good hunters!) can't kite and you only have 6 frost orbs for the entire fight
  • Healers should have plenty of spare globals until phase 3 and can help out with DoTs etc.
  • Some sort of healing debuff should be kept on Anub in phase 3
  • In the submerge phase, use Aspect of the Viper to top your mana off and keep pets on aggressive so they attack bugs with no delay (especially helpful if you're on orb duty, which I was)
  • Since I was on orb duty, I went BM so my pet could beat on Anub the whole time... and the controlled burst DPS was useful

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