Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hunter Pet Haiku Winner!

Mania over at Mania's Arcania (and caretaker of the much loved sites Petopia and Warcraft Mounts) recently held a Hunter Pet Haiku contest where randomly drawn winners would win a month of WoW game time.

Well.... I won! /cheer

It's a good thing it wasn't based on how good my entry was, because there are some great ones (which you can now vote on in the Petopia forums to win a "most popular" prize)... but here's my winning piece:

Loyal black panther
Sacrificed so I may live
I will avenge you!

You can judge for yourself whether it's good or not... I'm happy my faithful Shadow gets the recognition he deserves after having to sit in the stables while Fury the wolf gets all the raiding fun, although I suppose he *is* immortalized in my Hunters Rhok banner! :)

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