Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Patch 3.3.3 Bug Fixes

Patch 3.3.3 is being rolled out as I type (*insert obligatory grumble about Maintenance starting at peak Oceanic play time here*) and there are a couple of notes for hunters that I wanted to point out (read: /boo at).

Apart from the changes to Ferocious Inspiration and Heart of the Phoenix (both of which are welcome), there are 2 "bug fixes" affecting me that I wasn't too ecstatic about:

  • Rapid Fire: Now triggers the global cooldown correctly
  • Lock and Load: Fixed a bug where Lock and Load always proc'd 100% of the time from the first tick of Explosive Trap and never from additional ticks. It should now be 6% as advertised

Why does Rapid Fire need to have its own GCD? It's not a direct damage ability per se (if you don't do anything after it, you won't get any benefit from it). On-use trinkets aren't on the GCD and do the same thing, so why pick this out?

The Lock and Load bug was a rather more obvious bug I expected to be fixed... but I'll miss it on fights like Onyxia. Pretty harmless bug if you ask me - it's not like people drop Explosive Traps left and right to try and get a proc out of them (if you were that desperate, you could always drop a Frost or Freezing) - but I guess Blizzard didn't think so.

On another note: Hooray for getting rid of battleground tokens! Trying to get Warsong Gulch tokens as Bloodlust Alliance is worse than camping for a spirit beast...

*Edit: Apparently the Rapid Fire note was to *fix* Rapid Fire not being able to be used on a GCD, not to give it a GCD. Much better :)

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