Thursday, January 21, 2010

PuGs Behaving Oddly

It's 1am and you decide you still have time for a quick random PuG heroic before bed - after all, you're well geared and even if the rest of the PuG sucks it should only take half an hour, tops.

The dungeon pops up, you click Enter.... and the mage doesn't speak English, the tank is having a fight with his girlfriend, the healer is walking backwards and the rogue is saying nothing in party except, "Quack!".

Before complaining to your guild about your extreme bad luck in grouping with randoms.... you might want to check this first: Who's line is it anyway? - PuG version!

Epic idea and props to those that actually go through with it. I'd do one myself if I wasn't so careful about my hunter's reputation (it's not exactly easy to get PuGs as a hunter, so I'm always happy if someone invites me to a raid because they know I'll do a good job from grouping with me before).

Maybe I'll have a go on one of my alts.... seems like a fun way to liven up a dungeon, since PuGging 5mans is so much more mechanical and boring these days!

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Anonymous said...

I have yet to get a really odd PuG group, but I'm sure eventually I will. I laughed so hard at some of the posts on that forum page.

I'd attempt something silly like that, but I'm just as concerned as you are about my Hunters image. Its hard enough being a Hunter, let alone trying to be a goofy one lol.