Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bring the player, not the class

With the raiding week all but over this time yesterday, I decided I'd try and get into an ICC25 PuG. Nothing to lose if it failed (apart from a repair bill) since it was going to reset soon anyway, everything to gain if I managed to get any actual boss kills.

I looked at Trade Chat; someone I'd PuGged with before was LF1 melee DPS for ICC25 for the new wing.

Normally, I'd ignore this. When people specify "melee", they generally do mean "melee" and not "physical" DPS (although I've come across people before who don't make that distinction).

However, I thought I'd take a chance - I'd PuGged with the guy before and I'm certain he'd remember me (particularly since he had commented positively on my DPS).

He invited me.

Nothing surprising, right? Just another PuG story; move on Phyllixia!

Not quite... because there were FOUR other hunters in the raid already.

I've lost count of how many PuG raids I've tried to join that refuse to take me because they're "full on hunters", no matter how well-geared or high-Achieved I am, so it's nice to know the PuG networking system (it's not what you know, it's WHO you know) is alive and well.

(If you're wondering.... we didn't down anything. The healers somehow couldn't deal with healing everyone up after Stinky's Decimate and the Yankees in the raid were falling asleep, so the raid collapsed)

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