Sunday, January 31, 2010

I don't usually name people, but...

Italic of Thaurissan-US, you are an exceptional tank.

A warrior with only 25k hit points (buffed with Kings/GotW/Com Shout no less), PuG heroic AN where all 3 DPS were doing ~3-5k, and no-one could pull aggro off him.

I was even Survival spec and not BM for a change (I don't tend to have too many problems with aggro in BM since a lot of my threat is shared with my pet).



Sir Nicholai said...

Was he possibly a very well geared (and experienced) warrior tanking in a mostly dps set?

I do that on my druid all the time, tank heroics in kitty gear, because I can top the damage meters, don't have to worry about agro, and finish the instance faster.

Phyllixia said...

No, he wasn't. If you click on his Armory link, you'll see that he's actually tanking with *green* items... and his Achievement list is short, suggesting a fresh 80.

buckizard said...

This is why gearscore can be so misleading. A healer in my guild wanted me to do a heroic on my pally, we got heroic Forge of Souls. My pally is an alt, gearscore fo 1647, but is gemmed/enchanted and defense capped. The first thing we hear is a dps warrior who says "Holy crap a sub (forget his mumber) tank?!! How are you even in here?!"

Well, we made it through, he never got aggro off me, and we only had one death.

I'm not tooting my whistle but regardless of gearscore, its the person behind the score that ultimately matters.