Sunday, October 5, 2008

No pet food? No problem!

There are plenty of other websites out there that will inform you about the latest pet info from WotLK beta. However, I'm going to briefly review a particular aspect in the beta/PTR that I'm a fan of: Pet happiness.

Now, I raid. However, I don't like filling my bags with stacks of pet food. My current raiding pet is Hydrastorm, a green windserpent... and unlike the other raiding favourite, the ravager, Hydrastorm eats mage bread.

Once the new pet talents come in with Patch 3.0.2, Ferocity pets will be able to pick Bloodthirsty, a talent that enables your pet to gain happiness while fighting.

The setup:
  1. Fed Shadow up to full happiness (ie green).
  2. I let my pet die once (and it wasn't easy... I had to aggro at least 5 same-lvl mobs to make a decent dent in his HP).
  3. Rezzed.
  4. Shadow's happiness is now at "Normal" (ie yellow, not green).
  5. /petattack lvl 70 Wooly Mammoth Bull.

Each proc of Bloodthirsty gives +20 happiness (and heals approximately 70-80 HP for my stats), which most hunters would realize is more than a tick of "sub-standard" pet food (+17 happiness). Not only does Shadow solo the mammoth with ease (I can hardly see the shift in HP), his happiness is back to full about halfway through the kill!

Rhok on! :D

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Loving your site... thanks. :)