Friday, October 3, 2008

Actress for Hire, PST

Yesterday, I finally managed to finish collecting enough coins for a full Brewfest outfit.

As usual, I sat in front of my bank for 10min trying to decide what to get rid of so that I can actually fit them in.

Although I have my share of non-combat pets, mounts and tokens that will disappear from my bags in patch 3.0.2, the majority of my bank is actually filled with trinkets (over 30 at last count), various festival outfits and other items that are technically useless.

I have been known to bring out the old stuff on occasion (it was incredibly fun doing MC and Onyxia at 70 with Rhok, Hakkari blades, Lovely Black Dress, Cannonball Runner and Barov Peasant Caller), so I'm always glad I don't play a hybrid class that needs bank space for different gear sets. However, I often wonder why I bother - it's not like I've ever had a need for a pitchfork or disease cloud, but somehow, I can't seem to get rid of them.

Of course, I'm far from being the only person with bank space problems (at least I don't have a tabard addiction, for instance), but unless I decide to make a machinima and need the props, I really should sell all of that stuff. Yep.

......Excuse me while I farm for the Timbermaw trinket.

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