Thursday, October 24, 2013

I Feel for the Person that Left This LFR

50min in the queue, zoned into an LFR with 3 stacks of Determination and promptly 1-shot Garrosh with next to no experience on him besides a few wipes in 10m for phase 1.

It pays to have patience, people!

On a side note, the bad thing about 1-shotting Garrosh this week is that I still don't really know what the hell is going on in that fight. Avoid stuff, kill adds, DPS MCed people is about what I got out of it... hopefully it's a lot more interesting on normal mode!


prinniepowah said...

Actually, it's a lot like that.

Maybe more stuff to not stand in.

And all of it is way more hurty.

Anonymous said...

Got him last night Phyll! :-)

Spent about 4 hours wiping b4 that over 2 nights. the key to the strat that worked for us was stacking on the boss in phase 3 for the Mc's - critical MC interrupts - spread the rest of the time and save defensive's and loc rocks for this part (when spread). save hero for his empowerment and big CD's (stampede and pot)on hero. burn like hell after first mc. there was only 2 of us left alive when he went down. much exhilaration and great cutscenes. still haven't figured out whether BM is better than SV for this fight. I was BM for kill but SV getting better overall numbers. I think the BM burst on the boss was really important tho. all the best

Stuba Conqueror of Orgrimmar :-)