Monday, October 14, 2013

The Sound of a Body Hitting the Floor

Yep, Thok has fallen to our efforts on our second night of raiding this week, meaning we have a full night tomorrow to figure out Blackfuse.

It's pretty exciting to be on the frontline, yet again beating LFR and Flex gating to see new bosses. Although LFR has its merits - not having to use 10m to learn fights is one - I do think encounters are a little diluted when you go through an almost guaranteed version of it first.

Thok was actually the first boss this tier where the thought of perhaps needing a gear buffer (ie better gear to guard against our skills or lack thereof) crossed my mind, but on our last pull of the night (naturally!) we finally managed to get to the end with everybody alive.

It's nice to know that even though our limited raid comp forces both hunters to use specific pets to cover buffs, we can still progress well. The only real problem we still have is a lack of people on reserve - one person away is probably OK, 2 away means scrounging in Infamy or Trade chat for help.

We've been lucky so far in that we've only had to completely skip one raid night due to lack of numbers... but I don't think that will hold for long.

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