Friday, November 2, 2012

That was a raid?

About a week ago, I ventured into LFR for the first time.

I hadn't read anything about it - no strats, lore, screenshots, dungeon journal, zip - and none of the PuGs had offered strats, so I was rather surprised to realise halfway through what I thought was a trash pack was in fact the first boss encounter.

In fact, I didn't feel there were any really difficult boss mechanics for an average group of PuGs until the very last boss, although a couple of the previous bosses may have had tough mechanics for tanks and healers.

I went in again as soon as the VP cap reset this week, and absolutely blew through both halves of LFR in just over an hour.

Once again, I can't really see anyone wanting to do this raid past the first tier or so of raiding, which means that pretty much every tier people will only ever do the most current content and good luck if you want to do the rest.

Maybe this system will work out, I don't know... but for Achievement hunters like me, it'll be that much harder to fill PuGs for older content.


Quelys Thehunter said...

The difference between normal and LFR is very obvious - but lets face it; DS LFR was also a bit of a joke.

I look forward to getting a few new raid drops so I never have to go back into there!
Ach hunting is important, and I am sure you will have no problem finding like minded people to help you obtain them :)

Omogon said...

Agreed that LFR is pretty much a face roll for dps. I have buddy who tanks and says it's a bit harder for the. Regular is much more challenging and I don't expect to see heroic for a LOOONG time :)