Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Every class in WoW has something that they excel at.

For mages, warlocks and shaman this year, it happens to be 3v3. DKs are elite soloers, druids are hit-and-run farming kings, paladins never die... and hunters, well, over the full 8 years of WoW you really can't beat us for levelling/questing (what do you mean, you have trouble tagging and/or killing goats?).

This expansion, however, I've found something else we're good at - Scenarios.

Not only can we solo everything, we're also the most versatile class anyone can be put with, since we can bring 5 different pets and act as tank or DPS depending on group makeup.

As a bonus, the PuG queue times for DPS are short, unlike LFR and LFG... so if you're as sick of dailies as I am and need to top up your VP for the day, it can be a quick and easy "dungeon" where you aren't as likely to wipe... purely because you're the hunter and you can make it work!

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