Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Holiday Hunting

Happy New Year!

As Proudmoore is usually a highly populated server, I decided to take advantage of the holiday lull to get some "rare" hunting done and hit the jackpot:

I finally managed to tame Loque'nahak - and not only that, I found him again to kill for Frostbitten! :D

I now only have 3 rares left for Frostbitten (one of which, Dirkee, will likely be difficult due to all the people camping for the Time-Lost Proto Drake in Storm Peaks) and none for Bloody Rare:

Unfortunately, there were still a few people around for the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza and I didn't manage to win it... but I did grab a PuG to do a few Cataclysm 5man Heroic achievements, putting me over the 12,000pt mark.

Not bad, considering that 1) the person with the highest number of Achievement points in the world is somewhere in the mid-14,000's and 2) I haven't done any PvP for a good long while and still haven't tried the two newest, meaning there are a few more Achievements I could easily get! :)

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Earn To Die said...

that nightelf looks exactly like my hunter lol but I quit wow now I play zombie flash games on