Sunday, December 11, 2011

Guild Restructure: Earning my Stripes

Well, not so much earning as there isn't anyone else that wants the job :P

Basically, a couple of weeks ago, our then-guild leader, Sailan (Siha of Banana Shoulders) announced her decision to step down, due to a waning interest in WoW.

Our new guild leader, Benalis, is clearly keen on bringing new life to our little guild and promptly asked me if I would take the role of PvP officer.

This would be a new role, because Southern Wardens traditionally hasn't been interested in PvP; a number of guildies have no interest in engaging in mass slaughter on the battlefield and I've mentioned before how I've had trouble even finding a regular 2v2 partner.

However, now that I've reluctantly accepted this leadership position (I'm a sheep at heart...), I will do my best to make guild PvP a fun and challenging experience for everyone (yeah, that sounds cliche-ingly corny to me, too :P).

Sooooo.... anyone interested in joining our guild? We do PvP! And stuff! *cough* Yep.

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Alostrael said...

Grats Flick. I'm sure you will do a good job. Give it time and a little bit of effort and I'm sure you could get the PVP action to pick up.

I remember during the BWL days the guild enjoyed facerolling pugs in battlegrounds. :)

Make it fun and the people will come.