Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How to Hunterify your WoW experience

  • Pull mobs from the furthest your spell range reaches
  • When running from mobs, jump-kite (jump, spin between 90-180 degrees to face your target, cast and spin back before landing) to cast your instant spells (eg. Moonfire, instant Shadowbolts, Fireblast)
  • Strafe away from mobs (or around mobs, if they're hitting someone else) in between wanding/casting, without losing any time in between shots apart from the global cooldown

  • Back up until the furthest range the hit box of the mob allows
  • If stuck at range through snares/nova, use your ranged weapon at every opportunity, taking care to never run out of ammo
  • Back mobs away from other CCed mobs in between attacks to increase the distance the CCed mob has to run to get to you, thus keeping the CCed mob out of action for as long as possible

  • If jousting, strafe sideways immediately after a melee hit to use a ranged attack before the mob closes the distance

....Don't tell me you hunters don't do this on your alts. You know you do.


Sal M said...

Heck yes I do. Wouldn't be proper to do otherwise.

Ursuron said...

I do half of this and I'm not even a hunter! :)

Rilgon Arcsinh said...

Oh god yes I strafe on vehicles.

Flo said...

I strafe everywhere - sometimes I strafe halfway around Dalaran on a flying mount just to find the flight path bit so I can land :D

I also find myself trying to pull mobs from a distance on my super low level Warrior, edging in one step at a time so as not to pull the whole pack. It never works :P