Monday, February 3, 2014

Do You Dig It?

I've been neglecting the secondary professions this expansion; fishing and archaeology aren't exactly the most riveting way to spend WoW time.

However, since I started to do pet battle rounds to get the 4 minipet pandas from the Beasts of Fable chains, I noticed some improvements to archaeology... or at least, the Mantid sites seem to require less movement than other sites. Could possibly also be the density of mobs in those sites, but /shrug.... either way, I'm liking it!

Of course, I'm not sure how long my enthusiasm will last since I got the last panda yesterday... although getting 75 pets to lvl 25 is going to need some roaming around as well.

With any luck, by the time the next expansion rolls around I'll have caught up somewhat on the Achievement front, although I may leave BG farming until then. Don't particularly feel like being the PvE-geared glass cannon at end game right now! :P

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TheGrumpyElf said...

A quick guide to get 75 level 25 pets.

1) Go to the area near the farm.
2) Get yourself a beast like the darkmoon cub that has devour, to heal themselves.
3) Go around fighting.

Most of the pet battles you get into there are critters, meaning your darkmoon cub is strong against them. His devour will ensure you keep yourself healed all the time, so you are not slowed down.

Put the pet you want to level in first and do anything, the mobs there often, very often, do a defensive move first like a heal or a shield which means you will not get killed.

After round one take that pet out for the darkmoon cub. Destroy the group making sure the killing blow is always a devour and let your leveling pet get all the experience.

Wear the hat if you have it, use experience treats if you have it, spend a few hours to learn the battle patterns and in no time you can do 1-25 on a pet in an hour or less.

Happy pet battling.

That is my favorite place to level pets. Over 150 level 25s now (I quit doing it many months ago) and my friend I turned on to that spot has over 500 level 25s. He says he got it down to being able to do 1-25 in 30 minutes now.