Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I Want a Refund

So apparently, you can't bonus roll heirlooms from Garrosh:


All those wasted coins!

....Well, OK, only 3 coins for me since we moved fairly quickly to Heroics instead of clearing to Garrosh... but still! :P


TheGrumpyElf said...

One of the writers on wow insider has confirmed he got an heirloom on a bonus roll. A hunter in my guild got one on a bonus roll. Many others have said they have got one on a bonus roll.

So unless they changed something behind the scenes in the past month or so, you can get them off bonus rolls.

But do not ask me for first hand confirmation, I still have not got one off a kill or a roll. :(

R said...

Hm. I always assumed they couldn't be used with bonus rolls since they seem to be on a completely separate loot roll.

My first flex Garrosh kill resulted in both a Flex item drop as well as an heirloom... I didn't use a bonus roll. My second flex heirloom also came via the standard heirloom roll, I've never gotten one off a bonus roll. Not conclusive proof of anything but since the heirloom seems to be a separate roll it made obvious sense to me that the bonus roll wouldn't apply to it, it would only apply to the standard loot table.

My concern with people claiming they got them off bonus rolls is that, because the heirloom is a separate roll that happens, if memory serves (it's been a while) after the primary loot roll (so you get the toast for "YAY, FAILBAG", a delay, then "WOOT! HEIRLOOM!"), it's possible/likely that they had already clicked the bonus roll button before the normal heirloom award had happened.

I'm comfy recommending that folks not use bonus rolls for heirlooms until Blizzard specifically says they can be used for that purpose.

TheGrumpyElf said...

That is entirely possible R. It could be a delayed win off the original drop after the coin roll and not actually from the coin roll.

It seems blizzard has said you can not get it on a coin roll but with so many people swearing up and down they have gotten one off a roll I would have to think maybe it is possible, just not intended.

I probably will no waste a roll on it any longer however. Sooner or later I will get an drop I am sure. My luck can not be that bad.

Phyllixia said...

Oh, my luck could definitely be that bad, @TheGrumpyElf :P

Anyway, my guild has pretty much agreed we would rather do heroics than farm Garrosh anyway, so I'm not likely to have to worry either way!