Monday, September 2, 2013

High On Qon Kill

I finally got a heroic Iron Qon kill last week, making 4 heroic kills in ToT.

The only heroic kill that Infamy has that I still don't is Tortos - the fight I was probably the most intimately familiar with, since we spent so much time wiping on it.

With Patch 5.4 imminent, I'm hoping Zero Yard Range will be able to get Tortos next week, but I don't have any high expectations.

Somewhat related, I have high hopes for flex raiding in 5.4 - 3 of my former Southern Wardens guildies have come back to WoW and started gearing up in preparation for joining Infamy's planned run. Would be great to have 5 Wardens and Infamy in the one run - ZYR is good, but just not the same as having the old crew back together!


Kheldul said...

If you have Misdirect bat responsibilities and your guild doesn't kill the bats, then you'll have an experience similar to mine. It is completely frenetic, dizzying, and chaotic. If you do kill the bats, then it's just frenetic.

Phyllixia said...

I do MD bats, but I've done it enough times now to be comfortable doing it and avoid everything at the same time. Just don't ask me to kick shells! :P

Kheldul said...

Oh! And Grats on the Qon kill! ;-) It's a very repeatable boss kill and pretty lenient as long as there are enough CDs for his fist smashes.