Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ai-ya.... Ai-li Hurts!

Not sure when Blizzard decided to change things, but the rare Pandaren mobs around Pandaria (Ai-Li, Ai-Ran etc) that cast Spinning Crane Kick and Healing Mists used to not affect pets when casting the spin, meaning you could leave your pet in melee range and just worry about interrupting the heal.

Now, however, Spinning Crane Kick will kill your pet within a couple of seconds... and just pulling your pet back isn't quick enough.

I recommend saving Master's Call for those spins; otherwise you could probably use Dash.


Cygnia said...

Found that out the hard way last night when the Pandaren rare in Dread Wastes mowed down my Army of the Dead in seconds of the kick.

Jadem Cian said...

Are you sure?
I did a video back in November about killing the Ai- rares, documenting a kill of Ai-Ran, and his spinning crane kick was damaging my pet. Maybe the kick is simply more dangerous now?

The video was here:

enigmachine said...

Thanks for the heads up.
I've not fought one of those, recently, but I'll be careful now.

TheGrumpyElf said...

I noticed that as well. Ran into the one at the bridge to the 4 winds and decided to kill it, because they have a chance to drop the bags and bags are good. It killed my pet nearly instantly. A low level panda that I soloed my first time through them when I leveled and never needed to cast mend pet on once killed my pet that is now 90 and geared. I too was quite surprised.

Guess they did not like us being as awesome as we are. ;)

Stay at range and put your pet on passive when it spins and you will be fine.

If you use blink strike it is a nice way to get back in fast and if you happen to be a little slow pulling your pet out, hit masters call and passive. Masters call always makes your pet instantly come to your side and the passive will keep him there, much faster than it running out if you were slow on the passive.

Anonymous said...

Appears they disabled the -90% AoE damage to pets for that ability... not sure if it's a bug or intended.

Can still manually recall pet if it is:
- On Passive
- On the side near to you
- Click Follow as soon as cast starts

On the flip side, the Pandaren rares are alive more now. Takes more tries, but I still kill Yul Wildpaw when I see him. Also go full DPS gear, heals won't matter.