Friday, January 18, 2013

Encounter Tuning Watercooler

If you're into raiding and haven't read Blizzard's latest Developer Watercooler on raid encounter tuning, I highly recommend doing so.

I had only intended to skim it, but found myself reading the whole thing and appreciating the thought that goes into designing encounters and punishment (or lack thereof) of players for finding bugs and finding creative ways to kill things.

It really appealed to my sense of logic - *this* way of killing bosses is wrong because of X, *that* way is OK because of Y. Makes me wonder whether Blizzard have some kind of raiding handbook somewhere of do's and don't's.... some huge tome they probably need to add to every year, since you can never predict what new situations will come up!

Oh, and props to Blizzard for releasing a PvP article (also an excellent read, and something that should be very welcome to a lot of PvPers) at the same time... that'll keep everyone happy :P

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