Thursday, April 12, 2012


Of all the bosses in Dragon Soul, I didn't expect heroic Ultraxion to be so much fun compared to normal mode.

I've always viewed Ultra to be a rather boring fight - DS's Patchwerk; the obligatory tank n' spank.

However, making Fading Light a variable time - plus the added bonus of having to stay out for Hour of Twilight every now and then - somehow makes the fight a lot more interesting.

No, I don't know why either - possibly the extra adrenaline from almost missing Fading Light occasionally when it's on a short timer? Who knows! In any case, I'm a fan and can only hope that the other heroic fights improve on the normal modes as much as this one :)

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Hydra said...

I agree. It has a completely different feel in Heroic mode that is good and satisfying.

I know people have issue with lag and hitting their button but still... past that... it is great.

It is more of "bring the player" then a fight with adds. As and affliction lock I sometimes feel my class prevents getting optimum results. Not so in Ultraxion.