Friday, February 10, 2012

Transmogrification Gallery

I love the new Transmogrification Screenshot Gallery Blizzard finally put up. As I expected, I didn't like the tier sets as much as the character outfits that people have put together - some of them are quite creative, like a dwarven miner, Stormwind guard, handyman or farmer etc.

Some of my favourites:

Male BE as Thor (the Marvel character)
Human female as Jaina (why can't we get anywhere close to Sylvanas' outfit in-game but you can pretty much replicate Jaina?)
Human female as a "Dark Man" (with flaming weapons)
NE female hunter that managed a random yellow outfit to match the Skyfire Hawk-Bow


Laeleiweyn said...

I have added you and your site to my hunter database Hunterstalker ( Send me a comment, tweet or mail if you know any other hunters that should be added here as well. :)


Phyllixia said...

Very appropriate name for your database, I have to say :)

Laeleiweyn said...

Ugh, yeah, I hope you don't feel too stalked. :/
Fun wordplay on typical hunter tier I thought, but yeah, that other part too. ;)