Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Achievement Hunting

...and Druid-ing, and Priest-ing... because soon, Achievements will be account-wide and I'll be able to do them on my alts instead of my hunter.

Really not ideal, because I'd really rather do all Achievements on my hunter if possible... but being on a non-Oceanic server, plus being a DPS, unfortunately does limit what PuGs you can find for old content.

At least now I'll have a chance to get into PuGs if I offer to heal - or even tank, if I absolutely have to - because for retro runs, having slightly under-par gear doesn't usually matter as much.

Not to mention, camping for rares will be that much easier on low population servers, although I'm pretty much done with that now.

Either way, I'm sure altaholics will be ecstatic about this change in MoP!

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