Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Deterrence Tanking FTW

I've slowly been going through the more interesting parts of Blizzcon (in my opinion, anyway!).

No panels or previews for me - anything I can read about in a patch note isn't worth watching in real time. Competitions are where I'm at!

Arena is always my first stop - you can't beat the dynamics of fast-paced PvP, really, because anything can and will happen.

My second was the live raid.

This year was probably the best setup out of all the previous years: pitting 2 top WoW guilds, Vodka and Blood Legion, against each other in a race to clear Firelands bosses.

It actually was fairly close, with one guild's half-wipe on Baelroc and full wipe on Ragnaros determining the other guild's win.

My favourite part: if you listen to the commentary (around 8:20 in part 2/4 of the linked vid), hunters get a shoutout on the half-wipe because they used Deterrence to help tank Baelroc after half the raid died.

The commentators mention that that is a familiar sight, and I'd have to agree - I've definitely done my fair share of Deterrence tanking whilst raiding! :D

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Rades said...

I didn't see the live raid, but this makes me extremely happy! :D I too have done my fair share of Deterrence tanking, and it's so exciting, especially when it helps your one remaining bear tank get off a clutch battle rez, or something.