Monday, October 3, 2011


No, not the spell - my outfit!

I've been trying to find something to wear when transmogrification kicks in, and I figure it's my chance to look like how I've always wanted - a dark ranger, or failing that, a regular elven ranger.

The above is the closest I can get to an elven ranger - a much better attempt than my closest try at a dark ranger, below:

I just can't seem to find a decent matching darkish set... especially the shoulders.

And this isn't even counting the fact that I may not be able to actually obtain these pieces of mail - it's just what I come up with when playing around with WoW Model Viewer.

So if anyone out there has any ideas on pieces of gear to transmogrify - I'd love to hear from you!


Anonymous said...

Phyllixia said...

@Anonymous - Thanks, but unfortunately most of that is leather, not mail... it'd be a much easier job if we could transmog across armour types :(

Wolflore said...

Try the ebonhold set this is all mail

It is very hard to find the chest piece tho