Sunday, August 14, 2011

The New Rhok Demons

These days, it is pretty common to come across hunters that have no idea what my blog title references.

For the old school hunters, we know what exactly what it means to have "done your demons". A rite of passage, proof of skill... you weren't a hunter until you had that bow.

With the Cataclysm breaking that quest chain entirely, I was a little sad that no new hunter would ever get the chance to experience a challenging test like that again, even though all the "new" tricks (trapping in combat, Disengage, Deterrence...) made killing those demons a joke.

Well, I've since discovered I was wrong.

There *is* a mini-hunter test, and completing 1/8 of it took me 9 deaths:

Initially I hadn't been that excited about the 8 new pet taming challenges - the skins aren't generally unique and the rarity of the spawns put me off (there's next to no-one in Outlands now and I still can't manage to find all the rares for Bloody Rare) - but doing this was extremely fun.

Personally, I wish Blizzard would make them spawn more often - if they're easy to find, they wouldn't be such a status symbol, and more hunters would do it for the challenge rather than just to say they have a rare pet.

I still wouldn't keep all of the skins - one spider in my stables is quite enough, and I think the green skin is probably the most appropriate one for me - but I'm definitely going to seek out these rare tames now. Rhok on! :D


Strydor said...

Yea I remember that Rhok quest, only real hunters were available to do each demon. So far i got Skarr, Karkan, Kirix, and Deth'liac. Deth felt like the most challenging to me even though kirix took me about 3 attempts

Charlie said...

I started my hunter midway through Wrath, so I really didn't know much about the Rhok quest until it was too late. Now my hunter is my main, so I can only hope that there will be some opportunity in the future to get it again, or at least use its model in transmogrification (ugh such an awkward word).

So far I've tamed 3 of the new hunter pets. I'm not too excited about new spiders, but I have the green and yellow ones. I also tamed Skarr. There's a lot of cat models I like, including Ghost Saber, Rak'Shiri, Frostsaber Stalker, Frostsaber Pride Watcher, Echeyakee, and Sambas (currently the cat I use). I also have some exotic pets, but I rarely run as BM so there's plenty of stable slots used up with pets I hardly ever have out. I should probably free up some slots at some point.