Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wish they'd make up their minds...

Multi-shot damage has been reduced. It now deals 120% weapon damage at level 80 or higher, down from 137%.

Anyone else tired of having Multi-Shot damage changed each patch?

I have to be perfect to kite on Magmaw as it is; a nerf is going to make it that much harder... all I can do is hope that I'll still have enough aggro from a full Focus bar to make it work as MM.

Well, either that or start trying to get better gear from the new raiding tier so that it won't matter :P


Semiloki said...

SV is the way to go on that, but when if the gear is a bit better it gets rather easy. (You know, after wiping for a few nights...)

Phyllixia said...

Going Surv would be way too easy a solution :P

Surv isn't my offspec so I prefer not to respec; plus I believe that you can do anything in the spec you like, it just takes more work to get the same result sometimes :)