Monday, May 30, 2011

Achieving by AFK

I haven't been doing too much in WoW lately, because I've been busy IRL on non-raid nights.However, for the times I've been at home, I've managed to do work towards an Achievement even when I've been busy - Bloody Rare.

Basically, I park an alt in an appropriate location, occasionally coming back from being AFK to tap the keyboard so that I don't get kicked out of WoW... and with a little help from the NPCScan mod (yes, I've extended my addon list to a grand total of 3!), picked up the rares as they spawn.

I'm working on the Outland rares rather than the Northrend rares, because I think people are probably spending less time in Outland than Northrend at the moment, but I think when it gets to Loq I may have to park my hunter at the camp spot rather than an alt - that's one rare I'm pretty sure I won't have time to relog another character for!


Anonymous said...

Good luck with Loque. After 2 months I finally picked him up the other night. Since then, I've been helping the rest of the guilds hunters bag him.

Mako said...

Yes, definitely easier to find the rares since the population in Northrend and Outland are so low now. I couldn't find Loque after many weekends of searching and but after Cata, I found him the first time I looked. Also found a few other rares since Cata came out.

I'm working on Loremaster now but I'll definitely keep an eye out when I go to finish up the Outland quests.