Monday, March 28, 2011

I cheated to get this

...I specced Survival.

It's probably the first time ever that I've had to respec specifically for a raid, since a small DPS loss doesn't tend to wipe raids and usually that's all that you lose if you're the "wrong" spec.

For Magmaw, on the other hand, my raid counts on me to handle the parasites... and after the raid wiped repeatedly due to me not being able to keep aggro on them and also not having enough overall raid AoE DPS to get the first pack of worms down before the second pack arrived, I was forced to admit defeat - something I absolutely hate to do.

I'm the BM-spec-since-beta girl, the one that managed to Rhok all her demons entirely as BM (if you have no idea why it was so hard to do that quest chain as BM back then, pretend you have no talents at all, not use your pet, do only 60% of the DPS of your average hunter - because pretty much all raiding hunters were MM back then - and then try and kite an elite with Serpent Sting and nothing else. Even then, you're still cheating because we can now auto-shot on the move :P).

I do not like to give up on things, just because I'm a different spec. I don't mind if it's harder; in fact I revel in the challenge. I just don't like it being next to impossible (and keep in mind... I don't have anything against Survival itself. In fact, if it wasn't for exotic pets, my two specs would be MM and Surv).

Fixing Multi-Shot next patch is something I'm really looking forward to, because I hate not being able to do something in the spec I want. .. and with a 250% buff on Multi-Shot, hopefully it'll be enough for me not to have to respec again.


Rades said...

I just tried Magmaw on my BM hunter as well, and was conflicted with this dilemma as well. The group didn't have the DPS to do the fight anyway, so it never really came down to a hard decision on my part...but I was really unhappy at not being able to hold aggro on the worms, despite my best efforts. It's really such a severe flaw right now with BM, it's very sad. :(

Omogon said...

Our guild is having great problems with Magmaw as well. I may have to go the same route, but it means I'll have to learn how to play SV as I haven't tried it since Wrath came out

Sean said...

I've been SV since just before Wrath released and I've enjoyed it tremendously. Some say it's the "easy" spec and that's fine, I'm not offended. I know my skills and I relish in using them accordingly. I feel I bring a lot to any group or raid.

I'm of the mind that we (Hunters) shouldn't have to necessarily switch specs just to be able to complete a task (such as handling the parasites in the Magmaw fight) though I don't see anything wrong with each different spec having unique strengths. BM has exotic pets with exotic buffs/debuffs, though they're available with the right combination of other classes.

I'd like to see some exotic (BM only) pets with buffs or debuffs unique to their pets that would make them more desireable to groups and raids.

TheGrumpyElf said...

My group had problems with it as well until I went SV for the fight.

Still do not have the achievement however. I always tend to get to close to at least one when kiting them but with SV I never had to play lets go catch the run away worm.

Congrats on the achievement.

RaG1n said...

SV's multi shot is easily the best out of all 3 specs right now. When needed I always change to SV to make sure that my AOE damage is decent for a boss fight. Hopefully we'll see some changes with this. Grats on the achievement :)