Wednesday, September 22, 2010


If you haven't been killing Coren Direbrew during this Brewfest, start doing it.

You'll have to queue through the Dungeon Finder this time around instead of finding your own group (the queues are quite short, even for DPS).

Even if you don't want any of the epic loot that comes in the once-daily Keg-Shaped Treasure Chest reward, you'll still want the 2x Emblem of Frost - easy for what can be less than a minute's work!


PingHansen said...

18 seconds, is what the encounter usually takes - talk about being overgeared ;o)

Anonymous said...

For all those hunters that are called on to kite in specific boss fights (and thus want to stack Stam), the Brewfest Stam trinkets are much easier to get than others.

Keep queing up and you can 'farm' them both usually within 30 mins, as most tanks woudl now have them in their bags and cant roll on them anymore.