Tuesday, September 7, 2010

All quiet on the Western front

Not much is happening on the hunter, sadly. Pre-Cataclysm slump seems to have hit most people (either that or post-Starcraft 2 launch... :P), so I've been hanging around on my feral/resto druid.

Of course, whilst healing is a nice change from DPSing and world PvP (my druid is on a PvP server, as opposed to my hunter) is an adrenaline-generating thrill, I'd still rather be hunter-ing.

The problems is, I'm having trouble finding things to do that aren't too boring, grindy or require a group - all of the Achievements I need involve Arena, battlegrounds, raiding, or have terrible odds (ie. killing all the rares or fishing up a turtle).

Soloing elites has also lost its appeal slightly - it takes longer for me to travel to ZG or MC than to kill the bosses that drop the stuff I want, and since I've done them a few times it isn't really much of a challenge any more (which is the main reason why I like elite soloing in the first place).

What to do? I hate leading guild raids, let alone PuGs. I managed to put together a PuG for 20man OS recently without too much trouble, but was lucky in that the tanks knew what they were doing and I didn't have to type many instructions at all. Any PuG that would require Ventrilo is definitely out.

Guess I'll just have to hope the Americans on Proudmoore will start running Achievement runs in a friendlier time for me one day... hopefully before I get so frustrated I transfer my hunter to Frostmourne Horde :P

(Well, either that or Blizzard could send me a beta key. Come on Blizz, I have a blog and everything!)


Brangwen said...

If you are not raiding tonight or tomorrow night, I can do some achievements with you!! Anarr and I were looking at knocking off some PvP ones when we can, so you should come along on those!!

Phyllixia said...

@Brangwen - Thanks, but I actually only care about Achievements on my hunter! My druid is 79 though, so *almost* high enough to join you guys at end game... if you want a terribly undergeared noob tree/kitty to join you, that is! :P