Sunday, December 6, 2009

Southern Wardens vs Yogg-Saron

A couple of things about this vid...

1. It's not really a "here's what to do in this fight" vid. I haven't put too many comments detailing strats, so if you're relying on this to tell you, you'll probably die. I Frapsed this with the intention of showing non-brain room guildies what the rooms looked like from my point of view... so most of the comments are humourous or explain why I'm doing what I'm doing on the screen.

2. I don't usually make vids, but my fairly new computer means I can now run Fraps in the background. If you have any feedback on whether I should do more (and what you would like to see if you do), please feel free to comment/email.

3. I had originally intended to make a proper Hunters Rhok flashy intro etc, but I realized I don't have the time right now... hopefully I'll get around to it later; perhaps early next year.

With that said, here's my guild's first kill of Yogg-Saron on 10man:

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Ursuron said...

Wow, that looks a lot different from a hunter's POV. :)