Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Gorilla = OP

I have just finished levelling up my gorilla, cat, and turtle to level 80; mostly soloing, with some (normal) dungeon runs. Here are my observations:
  • While soloing, I will pull aggro off my cat, even if I use Misdirection or Intimidation, and stick to Steady Shot.

  • In dungeons, the cat is great single-target DPS (as it should be), but squishy if focussed on (as expected).

  • While soloing, I will pull aggro off my turtle, even if I use Misdirection or Intimidation, and stick to Steady Shot.

  • The turtle is a decent tank and can last awhile, but *only* if he can hold aggro.
On the other hand...
  • While soloing, I will not pull aggro off my gorilla while soloing unless I spam abilities like crazy.

  • The gorilla has some pretty epic DPS in dungeons if we're AoEing (and let's face it - nobody bothers to CC anymore unless you're undergeared and running a heroic).

  • The gorilla has also saved my normal Violet Hold run from wiping by tanking a boss for awhile (I and the healer were the only two left).

Why is it so hard for other tenacity pets - such as poor Koopa the turtle - to keep aggro?
Why is the gorilla actually a viable choice for a DPS pet when it's supposed to be a tanking pet?

I used to raid with a bear in MC/BWL.
I used to solo elites and farm with "DPS" pets (cat, windserpent or bat usually), and they did fine if I alternated MD/BW/Intimidation.

The new pet system, complete with 2 extra stable slots, was supposed to bring MORE pet variety, not less.

Why, then, am I finding that I still only need 3 stable slots - for raiding (cat), arena (to be determined) and everything else (gorilla)???


Anonymous said...

Gorilla's thunderstomp generates more agro than regular damage. In single target dps fights, it does slightly less dps than a ferocity pet (or scorpid). You also have to be careful about it pulling agro from a tank if you use thunderstomp on the boss.

In any other non-raid situation, I use it exclusively. Even PVP these days seems to be more about aoe than focus- I will focus _my_ attacks on one player, but the gorilla is thunderstomping him, his vehicle, his healer, and any unfortunate NPCs within ass-kickery range.

I just with that there were an exotic pet with this type of ability...

Euripides, Drenden US

Phyllixia said...

Good point about AoEing in PvP - I don't tend to do BGs much because they bore me, but when I do I usually take a cat so I can Shadowmeld/Prowl to camp nodes.

I really should start taking a gorilla into AV and SOTA, though - I almost never stealth in those.