Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My spec is ruined

I knew PvE hunters were due for a nerf. I fully accept that our current stand-and-shoot DPS is second to none.

However.... the latest post by Blizzard has ruined my current Bestial Wrath/Readiness spec, which I spent AGES carefully planning out, and which I had hoped to be decent in Arenas as well as raids.

Why couldn't they have left it at nerfing Steady and Volley??? If this change goes through as is, I'm going to have to think about whether I really want Readiness (a second Rapid Fire, Deterrence, Trap, Disengage etc), or give up Readiness and Rapid Killing for Scatter Shot, or give up both and go Exotic.

I'd probably say no to the latter, especially since Kindred Spirits will be nerfed (the last two tiers in the BM tree were never that great to me to begin with), and Readiness vs Scatter may depend on how useful the buffed Deterrence is.

The description of the buffed Deterrence to me sounds a little stupid as it stands - we can't attack, so the only thing we can really do is run. BUT.... if we turn around to run, we don't deflect the damage. What are we supposed to do, just stand there? Back up slowly like a noob instead of using our mouse to turn and run?

As for the rest of the changes, fair enough. Nerfing some PvE-stuff and buffing some PvP-stuff as expected; I'll let the theorycrafters find out how much of a nerf/buff that is. All I care about is having an all-around, decent DPS and good survivability/utility spec, which Blizz is now forcing me to rethink.


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